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The most important element in your extension experience is YOU! I want each of my clients to have the absolute best experience with their hair extension wear, so I provide to you full instructions on how to care for your hair on a daily basis. 

I tell everyone that yes, it's a lot of information - but it's in your complete best interest. Think of it as your "Hair Bible" and refer to it for pretty much any question you could have when caring for your hair. Now, just because it's a lot of information - I can assure you that the more you know - the better your experience will be!

Especially for first time extension wearers, the care for your hair can take some adjustment. However - just like with anything else, it's simply an adjustment to your care routine and before you know it, caring for your extensions will feel like second nature. 

I find that the best practice in extension care is simply a matter of creating an intention around caring for your hair. Each person will have different routines with their hair, based on their lifestyle, hair type, and daily activities. 

Creating a Plan

Creating a plan for your hair and intention around caring for your extensions will be the best thing you can do. Not to mention, caring for your extensions creates a foundation in caring for your natural hair, too! The end result of all this effort is that we end up creating good, healthy, habits for our hair that will stay with us whether we wear extensions or not. 

A part of self-care is self-discovery. When you understand and realize your habits and what is working for you or what needs to change, caring for your hair not only comes more easily, but it's also more enjoyable. When you go in with a plan, you know what you can expect from your hair. 

Some things to consider in your hair routine: 

  • how often do I wash my hair? 
  • do I wash my hair in the morning or at night?
  • how do you style your hair? what heat tools do you use?
  • do I struggle with styling my hair? is there something I can do to become more efficient in my styling?
  • am I getting results from the shampoo and conditioner that I'm using?
  • are the styling products I use for my hair delivering to my  expectations?
  • what do I struggle with when caring for my hair?
  • what does my work week look like? is it consistent, or inconsistent? do I have an event this weekend that requires more attention to my hair?
  • am I going to the gym this week? how frequently? do I need an extra brush or shampoo for my gym bag?
  • what is my routine for in-salon care? should I invest in regular conditioning treatments? do I have questions I need to remember to ask my stylist?

This is something I've totally done myself and it makes a difference in the mindset about my hair. Even as a stylist, I have to remind myself to care for my hair in certain ways and although I am good about it, there are certain things that I have to create more effort around. 

For myself personally, I preach about conditioning treatments. I love them, my clients love them, and I recommend them to pretty much everyone. They are so worth the investment.

Within recent months, I realized that my hair was feeling more dry and wasn't looking as healthy as it normally does (the life of being blonde, right?!) and I had a lightbulb moment. 

I realized I hadn't been as careful about caring for my own hair. I had gotten a little lazy in my hair care, and I could actually see the difference! Whoops. Right then and there, I decided that I would do a conditioning treatment for my hair once a week and invest in more moisturizing products for my home care. (it's easy to forget about products for your home as a stylist when you're at the salon constantly!)

This is what I'm using at home now: 
+ the kerastase therapiste shampoo and pre-conditioner (amazing for blondes, let me tell you! and it's not too heavy, even for my fine hair.)
+ olaplex #3 (essential for hair that has been color-treated or lightened - I had run out and just didn't get more!)
+ loreal absolut lipidium masque (I use this on my natural hair, not really necessary for my extensions)
+ kerastase curl fever styling gel for my curly days
+ great lengths anti-tap of course
+ kerastase spray fluidissime (heat protectant + smoothing agent - I tend to use this when it's humid)
kerastase L'INCROYABLE BLOWDRY (heat protectant, flexible shaping, styling cream)

I use a conditioning mask and olaplex at home, and I do conditioning treatments in the salon as well. I had to make sure to stock up on some products that were more moisturizing, and made a few simple adjustments to my hair care. After a couple short weeks of intention around my hair care, it's feeling and looking so much more healthy! 

We all need the "care for your hair" reminder once in awhile, and I hope I was able to provide some insight that you can use in your OWN hair care routine.
In what ways do YOU care for your hair? Does your hair need a little more intention?

As always, let me know what you think and feel free to reach out!