I'd be lying if I said that I didn't plan ahead of time for the cost of my own hair extensions.

I have played with a few ways of saving over the years and I want to share with you a few strategies I have that have worked really well for me! 

There are of course, both ends of the spectrum on this - where the expense is worth saving for some, and on the other side where  budget may not be an issue.

For myself personally, I am a planner and I definitely like to plan ahead for my own hair. It's something that's important to me and I have chosen to make it a priority to set money aside for the service.

And yes, to have my own hair done is very expensive - and I'm very okay with this.

I find SO much value in the way it makes my hair look, and the stylist that does my own extensions is an expert in her applications.

I love the way she does my hair and I have no issue with the costs associated at all. 

"Worth every dollar and every minute"

If you've spent enough time with me, you'll hear me say this about my hair pretty regularly - and I sure mean it!

I have all the patience in the world for my hair and it can be quite time consuming - and I'll always say it's worth it. 

The way I see it, it comes down to priorities and what you see as valuable.

Some people will never, ever spend what I do or what other people spend on having their hair done, whereas some people would also never spend on other various luxury expenses.

For myself, things like an expensive purse or otherwise aren't my priority - I would rather indulge in hair!

At this point, I've been wearing extensions for so long, I know how frequently I have them done, and I basically know how much I will need to make it happen.

This makes a big difference in the way I budget for my hair. 

What I've tried: 

  1. The shoebox method, keeping cash tips
  2. Not planning (ha - not my favorite)

So, I looked around and actually found an app that made life easier for me - and it's called Qapital.

Here's a link to download it: 

(if you download the app with my link, we'll each get $5 when you make your first transfer!)

I've been using this app for a few years now, and not only for my hair!

I use it to

  • save for my education classes
  • travel
  • other various things that I want to set money aside for

this app seriously makes it SO easy to do.

Once you have it set up in the way you want, you don't have to think about it, and when the time comes, the cash for your hair is sitting right there for you. 

  • There are a few apps that have similar functions of Qapital but I found that Qapital is my favorite. I find that it's easy to use and I love the interface - it's one of those things that I tell everyone about and I've seen work for several people.

My process for using Qapital  for my hair:

  • determine the amount of money I will need 
  • determine when I will need my hair done (frequency being 4 months)
  • divide the money needed by the time and get a rate based on months / weeks/ etc. 

For instance: 

- Amount: $1,500.00
- Time: 4 months
which equals out to about: 
= $375 / month. 
= $90 / week
= $12.50 / day

What I do with Qapital is: 

  • Create a Goal for "Hair Extensions"
  • Set the dollar amount for the goal
  • Create a "rule" for the goal. I use "set and forget" which transfers $X towards that goal every week. 

Ideally, what I like to do is actually have a portion set aside (a "down payment") so I end up transferring less over time. 

- Amount total: $1,500.00
- Down payment: $500.00
- Time: 4 months

So, $1,500.00 - 500.00 = 1,000.00
$1,000 over 4 months: 
= $250 / month
= $60 / week
= $8.00 / day

Let's do another example for fun: 
Total cost: $750.00
Time: 4 months
= $187.50 / month
= $43.75 / week
= $6.25 / day

If you think about it, that's less than what most people spend eating out for lunch or a trip to Starbucks even just once per day. 

Even a daily coffee with a bagel at Tim Horton's for a year is over $1,000! Crazy! Which is why I prefer to have coffee and breakfast at home, haha. 

When it comes to your personal spending habits, like I said, it's all about priorities and what's important to you as a person. For me, I LOVE my hair and I make it a priority! Breaking down the numbers, for me, makes it realistic and attainable. 

and FINALLY... the best way to budget for hair extensions!

With my extension services, I offer a referral program that can give you a HEFTY discount on your extension services.

Plain and simple - the best way to reduce the cost for extensions (with me, at least!) is to spread the word and send people my way.

I'm always looking to expand and *full disclosure!!* extension services are tough for referrals! Haha - it's true, and it's because nobody can tell you're wearing them in the first place, and also because most people don't like talking about it.

I reward my clients generously for sending new people my way. Feel free to ask me more about this, of course!

By the way, I am not affiliated with Qapital, I just love the app. I hope these tips helped you and I'd love to hear what solutions you've tried!