Great Lengths hair extensions

Play the video below to see an example of how Great Lengths strands are applied

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the power to transform

Customized thickening application

thickening application on fine hair for more volume and thickness on the sides / front

Customized Lengthening application

all-over lengthening application, view of back before applying strands to the sides


Great Lengths is a completely customized service, using individual attachments that are strategically placed to enhance your natural hair's appearance.

This method is AMAZING for thickening and lengthening and performs exceptionally well on naturally fine and very fine hair.

Application time varies:
Volumizing service: 3-4 hours +
Lengthening service: 4-6 hours +
removal: around 2 hours

Can I wear Great Lengths?

fine and very fine hair? yes (the best method for fine hair)
medium-thick hair? yes
straight or curly hair? yes
wear time: average is 3-5 months
no in-salon maintenance

the details

  • individual attachments - each strand is applied carefully by hand, creating a bonding point that is undetectable within your natural hair
  • application: heat is transferred from a special tool, which is  used to soften the attachment and allows for the stylist (me!) to give the strand its shape around your natural hair
  • no excess tension on your natural hair - the strands are custom sized to match your hair's natural density
  • strands are available for thick, medium-thick, fine, and very fine hair. we can customize the strands to fit nearly all density types, even with the varying densities throughout your natural hair
  • any hair style can be worn - the attachments are designed to move 360*, so no worrying about hiding wefts, tabs, or other attachments when wearing pony's, topknots, half-knots, braids, and more!
  • complete customization in placement, applied strategically to accommodate your natural growth patterns + changes in density
  • endless color combinations! the strands are able to be combined in hundreds, if not thousands of ways to create the perfect color for your hair

why density matters

Most methods of extension application do not allow for the size of the strand to be customized, and this is where horror stories come from.

One of the most over-looked aspects of hair extension wear and application is the ability to adjust the amount of hair that is installed to a person's natural hair.

Most methods simply do not allow this versatility in application.

Many hair types, especially fine hair, are not able to accommodate the weight of the extension applied, which causes excess tension on the natural hair, and ultimately leads to damage.

With the GL strands, each attachment is customized to best fit the density of your hair, and even accommodates growth patterns.

There is no other extension method available that is able to do this.


There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to hair extensions

For even more information about Great Lengths,
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This method of hair extension application is the most versatile available, producing the most natural-looking results a person could wear. The ability to match the extensions to your natural hair's density is what truly sets this method apart.
 It truly feels and looks like an enhanced version of your natural hair

Every woman deserves to have hair that is as glamorous as she is


Prior to any extension there is always a consultation to: 
- determine the condition and overall shape of your natural hair
- determine your goals and expectations for the service
- discuss your hair history
- discuss your lifestyle, daily routine, and hair care
- match your best colors, determine a plan and outcome for the extension service

All extension services are full service and include
+ the hair prep - wash, blowout + style
+ the application itself
+ all home care tools and materials
+ the final blending haircut + style
+ post-cut if needed

*hair coloring prior to service is an additional cost*



Each person requires a custom service and no two prices are the same.

All pricing listed for hair extension services is provided solely for reference and prices are not listed as exact.

Pricing is subject to change.


From the total cost of your service, we require a 50% non-refundable service deposit which is required to book the service appointment.

The remainder of your service cost will be due at the time of service.