Hello lovely! My name is Kristin. I am a hair extension expert located in the heart of Birmingham, Michigan, and I work at Red the Salon. 

I started my career in the beauty industry at Michigan College of Beauty, and was licensed in 2011. 

I found a sincere passion for hair extensions through my time in the industry so far and have immersed myself in just about every extension course that I could get my hands on.

I've spent over 50 hours in extension certifications alone, and am well-versed in extension application and wear.

Hair extensions can be the ultimate way to enhance a woman's appearance and I love having the ability to transform the look of nearly any woman that sits in my chair.  

I specialize in lengthening and volumizing hair extension services and I am certified in partnership with every major hair extension company on the market.

You could say I'm obsessed!

I work with Great Lengths, Hairdreams, Hotheads, Hairtalk, Klix... and I'm always adding to my arsenal. 

With my education in extensions and experience over time, I have found a true passion for the transformational capabilities in hair extension wear.

For me, a combination of technical and creative skills is what has allowed for me to create a "prescriptive" method in the hair extension services I offer. Each application I create is completely customized to the individual's needs and desires for their hair.

This has made a world of difference in the results for my clients and I am confident in my ability to offer a truly unique service for each and every client. 

I am always advancing my skill set and growing my educational repertoires. For my next focus, I plan to further expand my education in hairpieces and wigs.  


Through tons of research over time along with participation in education classes, I have found a major gap in information for the every-day consumer about hair extensions. Part of the reason why I created this website was to have a place to educate my clients.

I place a HUGE emphasis on education each person I work with, and I hold the highest of integrity in the services I provide. 

I am a firm believer in the power of hair and in the right hands, a set of hair extensions can completely transform the way a woman looks, and in just a matter of hours!

Through my consultations - together, we develop a plan and a vision for your hair. I help my clients to make informed decisions about their hair and extension wear from the approach of expectations, lifestyle, and desired outcome.

With each client, I am able to create a customized service for you with a well-rounded, honest, and realistic approach when it comes to wearing hair extensions. You can trust that your hair is in the best of hands with me!


When I'm not behind the chair, you can usually catch me at home. I'm a total homebody and love making the time to relax when I can! I’m a pittie mom to a beautiful pup named Chloe - she’s my day-maker.

I'm a firm believer in both working and playing hard. Making the time to clear my head is the key to staying inspired and maintaining a balance.

If I happen to have a long weekend…

You can bet that I'll be in Chicago! Some of my closest family and friends live there so I always have a reason to go. I’m an informative reader and love to get lost in good subject matter. I tend to watch documentaries, and indulge in a good series once in awhile.

I love cooking and baking and I have a few signature dishes that I enjoy making.

Secret Obsessions

  • Reading all the things on Reddit

  • Literally googling everything

  • my recent dive into Meyers-Briggs and personality types

  • Documentaries - real-life crime docs, American Greed, History…

  • Sneakers! I love my sneakers and I’m sort of obsessed with keeping them clean

  • Bowling - I’m for sure a work in progress, but just FINALLY bought my own shoes and ball!

Before I was a hairdresser, I waitressed and tended bar for years! I have a true passion for people and my experience in the realm of serving has thoroughly inspired my ongoing love for people.

I want to meet you!
Let’s set up a consultation and create your dream hair!