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Great Lengths Attachments and Applications

Wondering what Great Lengths attachments look like underneath? See the images below for some examples!

Frequently asked questions


What is the maintenance for Great Lengths?

There is no in-salon maintenance with Great Lengths! Most of your maintenance will be your home care routine and brushing with your given Great Lengths brush. The extensions grow out with your natural hair, so there are no “move up” appointments. The strand by strand method of Great Lengths cannot be reused. 

How long do Great Lengths last?

Each person’s wear time will vary based on their natural density and their home care routine. Each set of Great Lengths will last on average of 3-5 months with proper home care.


Great Lengths are applied in 1/4” square sections throughout the head. They are attached about 1/4” away from the scalp, so there is no excess tension on the natural hair. The specific way in which these extensions are applied allows for the attachments to move in all directions - a full 360 degrees of motion which allows for comfortable, limitless styling.