The best part of my job is seeing the before and after of an extension application.

Especially when it's a brand new client to you and they're naturally a little nervous about what their end result will be.  

I have never ending confidence in the end result of an extension application, but it's totally normal for a person to be nervous 😉 

Especially if they've had less than stellar extension experiences before.  

I love being able to assure my clients that their hair will LOOK AMAZING when we're all done 😊 



and... after!

and... after!

This is for sure my favorite transformation at the moment.

I had the pleasure of working with Ali's hair not too long after she moved to Michigan. She had been accustomed to wearing a fusion method in her home state but hadn't quite found someone to replicate the method she was used to in Michigan.

So, when she came to me she was actually wearing a microlinked method, and was concerned with the performance of those extensions in her hair, along with potentially adverse effects of the extensions.

After having a consultation with Ali, we decided to go with Great Lengths to achieve the long blonde locks Ali was looking for.  

The reasons we chose Great Lengths for Ali;

  • Longevity - this set of extensions will last Ali a good 4 months. She's a busy woman and travels frequently for work, so it's difficult for her to visit the salon for frequent adjustment services. With this method, she doesn't have to worry about frequent maintenance.

  • Health of her hair: after wearing microlinks for some time and not feeling comfortable with the weight, with the added difficulty of brushing - with Ali's fine, blonde hair, prolonged wear of a method like microlinks could ultimately lead to compromising her natural hair.

  • Density: Like most of us, Ali's hair changes density in different areas throughout her head. With certain areas being much more fine than others, a customized application was *definitely* what Ali's hair needed. (see a previous post about density here)

  • Custom colors: With Great Lengths I am able to blend colors together in any combination to create realistic, naturally colored dimension. One of the best things about blondes is the dimension that

What we used;

- Four different colors in a custom blend

- Three different lengths; 18, 20, and 24" length blended together for super natural, soft layers and a realistic outcome for adding lots of length

- 250 fine and standard sized strands

Day 1: Consultation 

Ali and I met to look at her natural hair, her current hair extensions, and discuss options that would work best with her lifestyle and hair's needs. We discussed what her overall goals for her hair were and decided what we wanted her overall end result to be. After determining the method, we matched colors most ideal, PERFECT colors for her hair, and set up her application appointment! 

Day 2: Color

Prior to Ali's extension appointment, we had set up another appointment to remove her old set of extensions and adjust her natural hair color. 

After removing her extensions and coloring her natural hair, we were really able to get Ali's hair and hair color to a healthy, fresh appearance which was a great foundation for her brand new extension application. We added more blonde to Ali's natural hair and utilized Olaplex in her color along with moisture and protein treatments to boot 👌🏻

Day 3: The Application 

we were so ready for Ali's application! After prepping her hair for application, we got to work. After her blending haircut, we chose products for Ali to use at home. Aren't the results just amazing?   

Creating a transformational look always involves more than a person would think! I wanted to share some of the process that goes in to creating the overall end result.

It's the detail in the design that *makes* the experience different. The customization for every person gives every person their most ideal, beautiful results.

Was there anything you were surprised by? Are you in love with this look as much as I am? Let me know in the comments!  

If you're looking for the hair of your dreams, look no further! Give me a call to set up your consultation or feel free to contact me here.