products to avoid

One of the things that first inspired me to write a blog was that I found a lack of proper information when it came to hair extension care.

In the world of the organic craze plus the endless DIY's and hair tips on Pinterest, it's hard to know which products are good for hair extensions and which ones are not!

Everyone seems to have a range of advice so I want to clear up a few things about hair extension care that I get asked to talk about a lot. 

1. Coconut oil! Do not use products that contain coconut oil or use "at home" hair masques that contain coconut oil. We prefer that you use coconut oil for your cooking or for your skin when wearing hair extensions, not for your hair!

2. Products that contain peppermint, tea tree, or citrus oils, such as lemon or orange oils. You can usually tell immediately if a product contains these oils because of the smell. Products that contain peppermint or citrus are always an oil derivative and can decrease the longevity of your extension wear. Oils of any kind will break down the attachments of your hair extensions. 

3. Head and Shoulders and drug store scalp products. (all shampoos and cleansers that contain sulfur and dandruff fighting agents) These products will break down the attachments of your extensions. Please ask your hair extension specialist for product recommendations when it comes to your scalp!

4. Non-professional products. Your hair extensions are an investment and will not be guaranteed if you use products purchased from a drug store. Even if these are "salon brand name" products - they are only guaranteed when purchased in a professional salon. The reason for that is there is no actual guarantee for what the integrity of the ingredients are, and the product itself could be expired. When ingredients in a hair care product expire, they no longer work as originally intended.

Another reason not to use non-professional products is the lack of quality ingredients. Many of the products available in drug stores contain fillers, oils, and silicones that leave a build up of product on the hair, causing dryness and making removal of your extensions difficult. 

 I am always happy to recommend hair products for you as needed and encourage you to do so! Even if you just want to switch up your product routine or usage, please feel free to reach out to me.

5. Organic Hair Care Products. Organic hair care products are not designed to be utilized when wearing hair extensions. (i.e. burts bees etc) These products contain ingredients that are not compatible with hair extensions and will severely dry out and decrease the quality of the hair extensions you are wearing. The attachments of your hair extensions are not designed to be used with organic hair care lines. 

6. Loop brushes. Do not use an "extension" brush on your hair extensions. The loops can snag in the attachments of your extensions and are not optimal for most extension methods. Most companies will name their loop brush as an "extension brush" when in reality, a loop brush is designed for wigs or other hair pieces. (I don't like them for clip-ins, either!) Use the brush that I provide for you to properly care for your hair extensions. 

7. Hair elastics with metal. The metal can snag on your extensions and honestly these just aren't good for your hair anyways! I prefer soft elastics or invisibobbles 

8. Don't use WEN products on your hair. This is my professional recommendation - just don't do it. Not worth the risk!

9. Very hot styling irons. always keep your curling and flat irons below 380F. this temperature also protects your natural hair and your hair color. higher temperatures can cause too much stress on your natural and second hair. (and don't forget to always keep hot irons at least 2" away from your attachments - and be mindful of the distance as your hair grows out)