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If you have spent enough time with me you know how much I love Amazon! I have been an avid Prime user for years and I use two-day shipping literally as often as possible. Although I don't purchase *everything* or all of my beauty buys from Amazon, I wanted to share with my readers what I basically can't live without when it comes to Amazon and free shipping. 

*FULL DISCLOSURE!* There are products in this post which contain affiliate links. This means that if you do purchase from one of the links in this post, I receive a small percentage of the sale made. Please see my policies page for details. 


1. MY FAVORITE BLOWDRYER! This dryer has been my go-to blowdryer for years! It's a 2000 watt dryer by elchim that gets your hair dried way more quickly than your average dryer. Not everyone is going to need a high powered dryer but let me tell you that this thing works SO fast. Plus it comes with a nozzle and I've found that most other attachments fit onto the end without a problem. For whatever reason these dryers seem hard to find, and I've always had luck with buying it from Amazon. I've bought 2 new ones over the past 4 years, which says a lot about the use from someone that uses theirs for hours at a time every day!

For me as a professional, something like this is essential for my every day work. For everyone else such as the general consumer, this baby will last you for years to come. I love this dryer for my clients that wear extensions or just generally have a lot of hair. There's no need to spend a TON of time drying your hair as long as you have a high powered dryer!

There's a plus side to owning a professional dryer, as well - and you can send it in to be fixed!! There was a time I was given a completely broken dryer from a client (it was literally just hanging out under her sink) so I figured I would try to get it fixed. It worked like brand new for under $50. SO worth it. Plus, this dryer comes in all different colors. Mine is white! (my mom has a pink one ;])

2. FAVE ROUND BRUSH by YS Park I haven't found a better deal on these brushes anywhere else. The one I have below is about 2.5" in diameter which is awesome for a lot of different hair types. It's not too big to roll your hair around ;) The bristle combination gives control and allows for shine and smoothness when blowdrying. I love the wood handle because it fits comfortably in my hand without being heavy.  

3. THIS TANNING MITT - something we all need for a glowing tan at home! I am a huge advocate for sunless self-tanning and I use it all year round. Tanning mitts are a "must" in my book! This one comes with a cute little one to tan your face which I LOVE because you can put your tanner only where you want to. 

4. EXFOLIATING GLOVES are the best thing you never knew you needed. So, speaking of tanning... exfoliation is a must, right? You NEED to try out these gloves. They work SO well and all I do is wash them like I would with any washcloth. You can reach basically anywhere while you're wearing these and it makes pre-tan exfoliation so much easier. I will say be careful not to over do it! (lol) I love to use these before I shave and before I get my tan on. 

5. POST TANNING CARE & general moisturizing care =  this in-shower lotion. I get this stuff delivered to my house every few months and it's *amazing* if you have dry skin - or just want to hang on to your tan as long as possible. I swear I'm not a total tan addict but I LOVE when I find products work well - especially for skin. You don't need a lot of this and it lasts quite a while. I love using it after I shave and my skin is buttery smooth afterwards :) 

6. SOAP/BODY WASH by Dr. Bronner's! I would never ever use this on my hair but I love it for that overall "clean feeling" in the shower. It's super gentle, and my favorite of their varieties is the Lavender! I feel like this bottle lasts forever. You can use this soap for a bunch of different reasons - but if you're my client, please don't ever use this on your hair or extensions! The PH balance of this soap is way too drying for color treated hair and extensions. It will definitely strip your color and the attachments of your extensions will break down if you try to use this on your hair. 

6. CURLING IRONS by Hot Tools! These are seriously my favorite irons and they last for.ever. The one I have pictured below is a spring iron - the one I use professionally on a daily basis is a marcel iron. I find that clients generally use the clip iron more easily so this is the one I'm showing ya ;) I would definitely start with a 1" diameter iron if you like a variety in curls you can create. I love a 1.25" or 1.5" iron for big, super-loose waves. The bigger the iron, the more of a "blow out" effect you can get when you use it! 


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