Now, I’m sure you have tons of questions about hair extensions…
you’ve been wearing extensions for awhile and something isn’t quite working for you.

I am dedicated to providing customized solutions for each individual that I work with. there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to a person’s hair - and the same goes for wearing hair extensions!

the most important thing with hair extension wear is YOU
and I am here to help you make an educated decision in what is the best solution for your hair type. 

What all of this means is that you, (YES, YOU!) and your gorgeous hair, need options. Because you are unique, and so is your hair.

Options are SO important!
knowing what will or won’t work with your hair is the ONE THING that can either make or break your extension experience.

with each method I offer, I am completely dedicated to educating you, as my guest, in the best practices with wearing and caring for your hair extensions.

My guests receive a full, extensive guide to their extension care, and all extension care tools such as brushes for your hair.
each method I offer will work for each individual differently;


- your natural hair density + texture
- the qualities of your hair that you wish to enhance
- the goals for your hair long-term
- your hair care routine
- your at-home + salon maintenance
- your lifestyle

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So, What’s the difference?

Here is where you will find a general, brief overview on all of the extension methods that I work with.
Click through the links to check out the individual websites for each company and to see the individual pages I have dedicated to these methods. 

Some of the commonly used terms for the methods I offer: 

Permanent Methods

- Fusion, individual, or strand-by-strand extensions
- Tape-in or tabbed extensions
- Klix, beaded, or microlinks extensions

Temporary Methods

- Hairpieces, clip-ins, halos, toppers

Each method will require different application times, maintenance in-salon, and guidelines for care and wear. 


- best application method for fine hair
- best application for all textures and densities (from fine hair to thick hair)
- most versatile application method on the market
- service can be completely customized in colors, lengths, and textures
- attachment sizes are customized to fit your natural density
- great for all hair types
- bonds are colored to match the hair and are visually undetectable in the hair
completely undetectable in the hair
- Last 3-5 months per application
- no in-salon maintenance

thickening service: 2-4 hours
 lengthening service: 4-6 hours
removal: up to 2 hours

website: great lengths


Hairdreams nano

- the movement of individual attachments, with the speed of a tape-in application
- last 3-5 months per application
- minimal in-salon maintenance
- require tidying of attachments over time

thickening service: 2-3 hours
lengthening service: about 4 hours
maintenance appt: about 1 hour
removal: up to 2 hours

website: hairdreams nano

Coming soon: hairdreams volume +

customized hairpieces for thinning hair that is unable to accommodate a standard hair extension application

website: hairdreams volume


Great Lengths tape-in extensions

- Great Lengths hair quality in the form of tape-in extensions
- great for a quicker change, without the full commitment
- great as an introduction to hair extensions
- tabs can be reused

thickening service: 2-3 hours
 lengthening service: up to 4 hours
maintenance appt: up to 2 hours
removal: up to 2 hours

website: GL apps

hairdreams quikkies

- tape-in extensions
- hairdreams 5-star hair quality in the form of tape-in extensions
- great for a quick change, without the commitment
- great for an introduction to hair extensions
- maintenance appointments required every 6-10 weeks
- great for many hair types
- tabs can be reused

thickening service: about 2 hours
lengthening service: 2-3 hours
maintenance appt: about 2 hours
removal: 1-2 hours

website: hairdreams quikkies

hotheads + hairtalk

- both are tape-in extension methods

- multiple sizes of tabs, suitable for most hair types
- require in-salon maintenance every 6-8 weeks
- maintenance appointments are fast due to the exclusive tape used
- tabs can be reused

thickening service: about 2 hours
lengthening service: 2-3 hours
maintenance appt: about 2 hours
removal: up to 2 hours

website: hotheads | hairtalk


- best used with thicker hair types
- maintenance appointments required every 4-6 weeks
- good for women that prefer to only wear their hair down
- good option for special occasion hair
- quick application and removal
- good for extended thickness and length during a short period of time, without the fuss of clip-ins
- hair can be worn for up to six months per set of extensions

thickening service: about 2 hours
lengthening service: about 2 hours
maintenance appt: about 45 minutes
removal:30 minutes

website: klix

Hairpieces, HaloS
& Temporary Extensions

- temporary extensions can be worn as desired
- great for special occasions
- great for first-time extension wearers
- without the commitment of a permanent attachment
- without in-salon maintenance appointments
- great for wearing in-between sets of permanent extensions if desired
- many options and styles are available, please get in contact for info!